Every Day Counts

Birthdays aren't enough


It has come to our attention that people aren't celebrating enough. We're here to do something about it.

Take, for example, your K-Days. These occur every thousand days from the date of your birth.

Many people miss out on these joyous occasions, simply because they don't know when they are. Don't let this happen to you. Find your next K-Day here and tell all your friends when it is.

Remember, you only have a K-Day once every two and three quarter years which makes them even more special than a birthday.

Bigger than a birthday!

K-Days, of course, are determined by your day age, or dieversary. Technically, every day is a dieversary, but we have decided to commemorate those that are an interesting number.

So, if your day age is a cube number, why not celebrate a Cubic Day? Or, if it is a member of the Fibonacci Series, you should proclaim it your Fibonacci Day! We've got lots of exciting events for you to enjoy, so go and check them all out on our calendars page.

Remember - every day counts!


The commemoration of a day that is exactly 24-hours since an event. From the Latin words "diem", meaning "day", and "vers(us)" meaning "to turn". Related to the words "anniversary" (exactly a year from the original date) and less frequently used "mensiversary" (exactly a month from the original date).