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Congratulate Theresa @TheresaMay ext


Theresa May

Manufacturer of hair care products

Born 01 Oct 1956

Age: 23,000 days


K-Days occur every 1,000 days from your birth.


Why not wish Robin a happy 150th Mercurian Birthday? @Persie_Official ext


Robin Van Persie

Dutch professional footballer who plays as a forward for Feyenoord. He has played over 100 times for the Netherlands national team.

Born 06 Aug 1983

Age: 13,195 days

150th Mercurian Birthday


Congratulate Paula @PaulaRadcliffe ext


Paula Radcliffe

Marathon runner

Born 17 Dec 1973

Age: 16,714 days

190th Mercurian Birthday


Congratulate Samuel @SamuelLJackson ext


Samuel L Jackson


Born 21 Dec 1948

Age: 25,841 days

115th Venusian Birthday


Why not wish Paul a happy 13th Cererian Birthday? @McGannLibrary ext


Paul McGann


Born 14 Nov 1959

Age: 21,861 days

13th Cererian Birthday




Noel Edmonds

Serial box opener

Born 22 Dec 1948

Age: 25,841 days

115th Venusian Birthday



David Tennant

Doctor Who

Born 18 Apr 1971

Age: 17,689 days

Square Day

Square Days occur when your day age is a Square number.



Gwyneth Paltrow

American actress

Born 27 Sep 1972

Age: 17,161 days

Square Day



Roger Federer


Born 08 Aug 1981

Age: 13,924 days

Square Day



Jimmy Carr

British comedian, not to be confused with the Caribbean island nation Jamaica.

Born 15 Sep 1972

Age: 17,173 days

Star Day

Star Days occur when your day age is a Star number.

Monday 23 September



Peter Davison

Doctor Who

Born 13 Apr 1951

Age: 25,000 days




Chris Froome

Professional road racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTour team Team Sky. Born in Kenya, Froome moved with his family to South Africa as a teenager, and although he began his career registered with the Kenyan cycling federation, since spring 2008 has ridden under a British licence on the basis of his passport and father's and grandparents' country of birth

Born 20 May 1985

Age: 12,544 days

Square Day



Eric Idle


Born 29 Mar 1943

Age: 27,937 days

Hexagonal Day

Hexagonal Days occur when your day age is a Hexagonal number.



Floyd Mayweather

American former professional boxer who competed from 1996 to 2015, and currently works as a boxing promoter. Widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, undefeated as a professional, and a five-division world champion, Mayweather won fifteen world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes

Born 24 Feb 1977

Age: 15,551 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Palindromic Prime Days occur when your day age is a Palindromic Prime number.




One of the above

Born 25 Sep 1975

Age: 16,069 days

Centred Triangular Prime Day

Centred Triangular Prime Days occur when your day age is a Centred Triangular Prime number.

Tuesday 24 September



Robert Carlyle


Born 14 Apr 1961

Age: 21,347 days

95th Venusian Birthday



Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce known as "Big Sam", is an English football manager and former professional player, who left his post as manager at Premier League club Everton in May 2018.

Born 19 Oct 1954

Age: 23,716 days

Square Day



Miley Cyrus

Wearer of not many clothes

Born 23 Nov 1992

Age: 9,801 days

Square Day



Jon Bon Jovi

American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as the founder, occasional rhythm guitarist, and lead singer of rock band Bon Jovi, which was named after him.

Born 02 Mar 1962

Age: 21,025 days

Square Day



Jennifer Aniston


Born 11 Feb 1969

Age: 18,487 days

Hexagonal Day

Wednesday 25 September



Brian Blessed


Born 09 Oct 1936

Age: 30,301 days

Hexagonal Day



Kate Winslet

English actress and singer. She is the recipient of an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, four Golden Globe Awards, a Grammy Award, an AACTA Award, and three BAFTA Awards.

Born 05 Oct 1975

Age: 16,061 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Thursday 26 September



Matt Smith

Doctor Who

Born 28 Oct 1982

Age: 13,482 days

60th Venusian Birthday



Bradley Walsh

English light entertainer, television actor, comedian and former professional footballer.

Born 04 Jun 1960

Age: 21,663 days

5th Jovian Birthday



Simon Cowell

The guy who decides what you should like.

Born 07 Oct 1959

Age: 21,904 days

Square Day



Matt Lucas

The only gay in the village

Born 05 Mar 1974

Age: 16,641 days

Square Day



Paul McCartney

Popular singer songwriter and founder member of The Beatles*
(*The Beatles were a pop group who became famous during the nineteen sixties.)

Born 18 Jun 1942

Age: 28,224 days

Square Day

Friday 27 September



Usain Bolt

The Honourable Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ, C.D. , is a Jamaican sprinter and a five-time World and three-time Olympic gold medalist.

Born 21 Aug 1986

Age: 12,090 days

Triangular Day

Triangular Days occur when your day age is a Triangular number.



Kanye West

Hip hop bloke

Born 08 Jun 1977

Age: 15,451 days

Palindromic Prime Day



Louis Tomlinson

0.2 directions

Born 24 Dec 1991

Age: 10,139 days

Primeval Prime Day

Primeval Prime Days occur when your day age is a Primeval Prime number.

Saturday 28 September



Pete Tong


Born 30 Jul 1960

Age: 21,609 days

Square Day



Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who

Born 14 Apr 1958

Age: 22,447 days

Hexagonal Day



Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is a high-ranking politician of the People's Republic of China. He currently serves as the top-ranked member of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of China, the country's Vice President, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission, President of the Central Party School and the 6th ranked member of the CPC Politburo Standing Committee, China's de facto top power organ.

Born 15 Jun 1953

Age: 24,211 days

Zeisel Day

Zeisel Days occur when your day age is a Zeisel number.



Prince William

Duke of Cambridge

Born 21 Jun 1982

Age: 13,613 days

Centred Square Prime Day

Centred Square Prime Days occur when your day age is a Centred Square Prime number.



John Cleese


Born 27 Oct 1939

Age: 29,191 days

Centred Triangular Prime Day

Sunday 29 September



Phillip Schofield

TV Presenter

Born 01 Apr 1962

Age: 21,000 days




Emma Watson

English actress and model. Watson rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Watson was cast as Hermione at the age of nine, having previously acted only in school plays. From 2001 to 2011, she starred in all eight Harry Potter films alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Watson's work on the Harry Potter series has earned her several awards and more than 10

Born 15 Apr 1990

Age: 10,759 days

1st Saturnian Birthday



Diego Maradonna

The hand of God

Born 30 Oct 1960

Age: 21,518 days

2nd Saturnian Birthday



Daniel Radcliffe

English film and stage actor who rose to prominence playing the title character in the Harry Potter film series. Radcliffe made his acting debut at age ten in BBC One's 1999 television movie David Copperfield, followed by his film debut in 2001's The Tailor of Panama.

Born 23 Jul 1989

Age: 11,025 days

Square Day



Richard "The Hamster" Hammond

Clarkson minion and not even a real hamster.

Born 19 Dec 1969

Age: 18,181 days

Palindromic Day

Palindromic Days occur when your day age is a palindrome.

Monday 30 September



Jack Nicklaus


Born 21 Jan 1940

Age: 29,107 days

Hexagonal Day



Ian Botham


Born 24 Nov 1955

Age: 23,321 days

2,600th Prime Day

Prime Days occur when your day age is a prime number.

Tuesday 01 October



Rachel Riley

Not Carol Vorderman

Born 11 Jan 1986

Age: 12,316 days

140th Mercurian Birthday



Bradley Wiggins

British professional track and road bicycle racer, currently riding for Team Sky. Wiggins' career began on the track, where he specialised in the pursuit and madison disciplines. He won a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics, three further medals at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics, and two golds at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.

Born 28 Apr 1980

Age: 14,400 days

Square Day



Tom Hiddleston

English film, television, radio, and stage actor.

Born 09 Feb 1981

Age: 14,113 days

Star Day



Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish Nationalist

Born 19 Jul 1970

Age: 17,971 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Wednesday 02 October



Luis Suarez

World's 5th dirtiest footballer and cannibal

Born 24 Jan 1987

Age: 11,939 days

Circular Prime Day

Circular Prime Days occur when your day age is a Circular Prime number.



First Web Site

The first website on the web was created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at CERN on 20 December 1990.

Born 20 Dec 1990

Age: 10,513 days

Centred Square Prime Day

Thursday 03 October



Kim Jong-un

The world's second maddest leader.

Born 08 Jan 1984

Age: 13,052 days

19th Martian Birthday



David Walliams

Computer says no.

Born 20 Aug 1971

Age: 17,576 days

Cubic Day

Cubic Days occur when your day age is a Cubic number.



Sir Steve Redgrave

English rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000 as well as a bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Games. He has also won three Commonwealth Games gold medals and nine World Rowing Championships gold medals.

Born 23 Mar 1962

Age: 21,013 days

Centred Square Prime Day

Friday 04 October



David Cameron

Former UK prime minister and porciphile

Born 09 Oct 1966

Age: 19,353 days

220th Mercurian Birthday



Chris de Burgh

Chris de Burgh is a British-Irish singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. He is an art rock performer who also writes pop-oriented material. Only having had two top 40 hits in both the UK and the US, he is more popular in other countries, particularly Norway and Brazil.

Born 15 Oct 1948

Age: 25,921 days

Square Day



Randall Munroe

Randall Munroe is the creator, writer and artist of xkcd. He has a degree in physics from the Christopher Newport University and prior to his career as a professional webcomic artist, Randall was a roboticist independently contracted with NASA.

Born 18 Oct 1984

Age: 12,769 days

Square Day



Florence Welch

Florence out of Florence And The Machine

Born 28 Aug 1986

Age: 12,090 days

Triangular Day



Jack Whitehall

"I'm a comedian."

Born 07 Jul 1988

Age: 11,411 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Saturday 05 October



Nicole Kidman


Born 20 Jun 1967

Age: 19,100 days

85th Venusian Birthday



Sir Richard Branson


Born 18 Jul 1950

Age: 25,281 days

Square Day



Cyndi Lauper

Girl who just wants to have fun.

Born 22 Jun 1953

Age: 24,211 days

Zeisel Day



Harry Styles

0.2 directions

Born 01 Feb 1994

Age: 9,377 days

Circular Prime Day

Sunday 06 October



Sean Connery

Scottish patriot, Kranidi, Greece

Born 25 Aug 1930

Age: 32,549 days

370th Mercurian Birthday



Serena Williams

She plays a lot of tennis.

Born 26 Sep 1981

Age: 13,889 days

20 Millionth Minute

Millionth Minute Days occur on the days that you are a whole million minutes old.



Rick Astley

He's never going to give you up.

Born 06 Feb 1966

Age: 19,600 days

Square Day



Courteney Cox


Born 15 Jun 1964

Age: 20,201 days

Centred Square Prime Day

Monday 07 October



Colin Farrell


Born 31 May 1976

Age: 15,834 days

180th Mercurian Birthday



Sir Tim Berners-Lee

He invented the web.

Born 08 Jun 1955

Age: 23,497 days

Hexagonal Day