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Why not wish Gary a happy Hexagonal Day? @NumanOfficial ext


Gary Numan

English singer, composer, and musician, most widely known for his chart-topping 1979 hits "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and "Cars".

Born 08 Mar 1958

Age: 22,447 days

Hexagonal Day

Hexagonal Days occur when your day age is a Hexagonal number.




Mike Pence

Presidential assassins beware - if Trump goes, you get stuck with this guy.

Born 07 Jun 1959

Age: 21,992 days

250th Mercurian Birthday



Olivia Colman


Born 30 Jan 1974

Age: 16,641 days

Square Day

Square Days occur when your day age is a Square number.



Gary Clark Jr

American guitarist and actor based in Austin, Texas. Acclaimed as the savior of blues, Clark has established a resume which has enabled him to share the stage with various legends of rock and roll. His live performances, as well as his recordings, blend rock, soul and blues, infusing fluid guitar with a guttural howl and a falsetto trill that mix together.

Born 15 Feb 1984

Age: 12,973 days

Star Day

Star Days occur when your day age is a Star number.



Victoria Coren Mitchell

Poker player

Born 18 Aug 1972

Age: 17,171 days

Palindromic Day

Palindromic Days occur when your day age is a palindrome.



David Tennant

Doctor Who

Born 18 Apr 1971

Age: 17,659 days

Centred Triangular Prime Day

Centred Triangular Prime Days occur when your day age is a Centred Triangular Prime number.

Saturday 24 August



Tom Hiddleston

English film, television, radio, and stage actor.

Born 09 Feb 1981

Age: 14,075 days

160th Mercurian Birthday



Brian Blessed


Born 09 Oct 1936

Age: 30,269 days

18th Cererian Birthday



Robert Carlyle


Born 14 Apr 1961

Age: 21,316 days

Square Day



Richard "The Hamster" Hammond

Clarkson minion and not even a real hamster.

Born 19 Dec 1969

Age: 18,145 days

Triangular Day

Triangular Days occur when your day age is a Triangular number.



Katy Perry

American singer, songwriter and actress

Born 25 Oct 1984

Age: 12,721 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Palindromic Prime Days occur when your day age is a Palindromic Prime number.

Sunday 25 August



Michael Schumacher

Formula One racing driver

Born 03 Jan 1969

Age: 18,496 days

Square Day



Stewart Lee


Born 05 Apr 1968

Age: 18,769 days

Square Day



Cameron Diaz

Princess Fiona, out of Shrek

Born 30 Aug 1972

Age: 17,161 days

Square Day



Zayn Malik

0.2 directions

Born 12 Jan 1993

Age: 9,721 days

Centred Triangular Prime Day



Melanie Chisholm

Sporty Spice

Born 12 Jan 1974

Age: 16,661 days

Palindromic Prime Day

Monday 26 August



Wayne Rooney


Born 24 Oct 1985

Age: 12,359 days

55th Venusian Birthday



George Clooney

Coffee advertiser

Born 06 May 1961

Age: 21,296 days

31st Martian Birthday



Ed Sheeran


Born 17 Feb 1991

Age: 10,417 days

15 Millionth Minute

Millionth Minute Days occur on the days that you are a whole million minutes old.



Noam Chomsky

American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator, social justice activist, and anarcho-syndicalist advocate.

Born 17 Dec 1928

Age: 33,124 days

Square Day



Melania Trump

Trophy wife

Born 26 Apr 1970

Age: 18,019 days

Hexagonal Day

Tuesday 27 August



Jessica Alba

American television and film actress

Born 28 Apr 1981

Age: 14,000 days


K-Days occur every 1,000 days from your birth.



Daniel Radcliffe

English film and stage actor who rose to prominence playing the title character in the Harry Potter film series. Radcliffe made his acting debut at age ten in BBC One's 1999 television movie David Copperfield, followed by his film debut in 2001's The Tailor of Panama.

Born 23 Jul 1989

Age: 10,992 days

16th Martian Birthday



Dave Grohl

Foo fighter. Dave is renowned for having fought more foos than anybody else in the history of foo fighting.

Born 14 Jan 1969

Age: 18,487 days

Hexagonal Day



Johnny Depp

Pirate (not a real one) and dog smuggler.

Born 09 Jun 1963

Age: 20,533 days

Star Day



Melanie Brown

Scary Spice

Born 29 May 1975

Age: 16,161 days

Palindromic Day

Wednesday 28 August



Matt Smith

Doctor Who

Born 28 Oct 1982

Age: 13,453 days

8th Cererian Birthday



Patrick Stewart

Jean-Luc Picard

Born 13 Jul 1940

Age: 28,900 days

Square Day



Leonardo DiCaprio

American actor and film producer

Born 11 Nov 1974

Age: 16,361 days

Palindromic Prime Day



Justin Bieber


Born 01 Mar 1994

Age: 9,311 days

Circular Prime Day

Circular Prime Days occur when your day age is a Circular Prime number.




Virtual currency

Born 03 Jan 2009

Age: 3,889 days

Pierpont Prime Day

Pierpont Prime Days occur when your day age is a Pierpont Prime number.

Thursday 29 August



Elon Musk

South African-born American business magnate, engineer and inventor. He is best known for co-founding SpaceX, Tesla Motors and X. com, which later became Paypal after acquiring the service. He is currently the CEO and Chief Designer of SpaceX, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Motors and Chairman of SolarCity.

Born 28 Jun 1971

Age: 17,594 days

200th Mercurian Birthday



Quentin Tarantino


Born 27 Mar 1963

Age: 20,609 days

30th Martian Birthday



Robert Rankin

The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived.

Born 27 Jul 1949

Age: 25,600 days

Square Day



Uma Thurman

Actress, starred in Pulp Fiction, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Batman & Robin, Gattaca, Les Misrables, Hysterical Blindness and Kill Bill.

Born 29 Apr 1970

Age: 18,019 days

Hexagonal Day



Charlie Brooker

Formerly weekly wiper, now annual wiper.

Born 03 Mar 1971

Age: 17,711 days

Fibonacci Day

Fibonacci Days occur when your day age is a Fibonacci number.

Friday 30 August



Jon Bon Jovi

American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as the founder, occasional rhythm guitarist, and lead singer of rock band Bon Jovi, which was named after him.

Born 02 Mar 1962

Age: 21,000 days




Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist and writer. He has been influential in popular music and culture for more than five decades. He is signed to the Columbia record label.

Born 24 May 1941

Age: 28,587 days

17th Cererian Birthday



Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker (born March 25, 1965) is an American actress and producer. She is best known for her leading role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series Sex and the City (19982004), for which she won four Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Emmy Awards. She played the same role in the 2008 feature film based on the show, Sex and the City: The Movie, and in

Born 25 Mar 1965

Age: 19,881 days

Square Day



Courteney Cox


Born 15 Jun 1964

Age: 20,164 days

Square Day



Liv Tyler

American actress and model. She is the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, and Bebe Buell, model and singer. Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of 14, but after less than a year she decided to focus on acting. She made her film debut in the 1994 film Silent Fall. She then appeared in supporting roles in Empire Records (1995), Heavy (1996) and That Thing You Do! (1996).

Born 01 Jul 1977

Age: 15,400 days

Triangular Day

Saturday 31 August



Louis Tomlinson

0.2 directions

Born 24 Dec 1991

Age: 10,112 days

45th Venusian Birthday



Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a British model, actress and socialite.

Born 22 Aug 1992

Age: 9,870 days

Triangular Day

Sunday 01 September




Aubrey Drake Graham

Born 24 Oct 1986

Age: 12,000 days




Paris Hilton

Socialite (whatever that is)

Born 17 Feb 1981

Age: 14,075 days

160th Mercurian Birthday



Bruce Willis


Born 19 Mar 1955

Age: 23,542 days

14th Cererian Birthday



Sir Viv Richards

West Indies cricketer

Born 07 Mar 1952

Age: 24,649 days

Square Day



Prince Harry

Prince Henry of Wales

Born 15 Sep 1984

Age: 12,769 days

Square Day

Monday 02 September



Naomi Campbell


Born 22 May 1970

Age: 18,000 days




David Cameron

Former UK prime minister and porciphile

Born 09 Oct 1966

Age: 19,321 days

Square Day



Mark Steel


Born 04 Jul 1960

Age: 21,609 days

Square Day



Peter Russell

Peter Russell was an English cricketer. He was a right-handed batsman who played for Wiltshire. He was born in Salisbury.

Born 12 Aug 1939

Age: 29,241 days

Square Day



Linus Torvalds

Linux dude.

Born 28 Dec 1969

Age: 18,145 days

Triangular Day

Tuesday 03 September



Craig David

Singer songwriter

Born 05 May 1981

Age: 14,000 days




Ozzy Osbourne

"Wha? Huhh? What's all this? What's a fuckin' k-day, man? I don't understand."

Born 03 Dec 1948

Age: 25,841 days

115th Venusian Birthday



Colin Farrell


Born 31 May 1976

Age: 15,800 days

23rd Martian Birthday



David Mitchell

The David Mitchell who's in Peep Show and things, not the novelist or the Cumbrian origamist.

Born 14 Jul 1974

Age: 16,487 days

24th Martian Birthday



Boris Johnson

Britain's only guitarist who doesn't understand how a capo works.

Born 19 Jun 1964

Age: 20,164 days

Square Day

Wednesday 04 September



Ewan McGregor

Jedi trainspotter

Born 31 Mar 1971

Age: 17,689 days

Square Day



Piers Morgan

Phone Hacker

Born 30 Mar 1965

Age: 19,881 days

Square Day



Rachel Riley

Not Carol Vorderman

Born 11 Jan 1986

Age: 12,289 days

Pierpont Prime Day



Kim Kardashian

Mortal enemy of the Bajorans.

Born 21 Oct 1980

Age: 14,197 days

Perrin Prime Day

Perrin Prime Days occur when your day age is a Perrin Prime number.

Thursday 05 September



Jeremy Corbyn

Saviour of mankind or evil prince of darkness. You decide

Born 26 May 1949

Age: 25,669 days

Hexagonal Day

Friday 06 September



Monica Seles

Former world no. 1 professional tennis player and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Born 02 Dec 1973

Age: 16,714 days

190th Mercurian Birthday



Graham Norton

Chat show host

Born 04 Apr 1963

Age: 20,609 days

30th Martian Birthday



Robbie Williams

He's the one that left boy band, Take That.

Born 13 Feb 1974

Age: 16,641 days

Square Day



Joanna Lumley


Born 01 May 1946

Age: 26,791 days

Hexagonal Day



Christina Aguilera


Born 18 Dec 1980

Age: 14,141 days

Palindromic Day